Lina Brustad is 38 years old and currently living with her husband and two children in a small fishing village on the south-western coast of Sweden. She is a post graduate at Gothenburg University and released her first book in April 2017.


This semi-autobiographical story was very well received amongst the readers.

Suppose there is an end ('Humlesäcken' in Swedish) has been number one on the bestseller chart of one of the major online book stores in Sweden and Lina Brustad has been featured in a number of newspapers and magazines as well as been interviewed both on the radio and on TV. She has also been shortlisted for a prestigious literary prize in Sweden.


SUPPOSED THERE IS AN END (English working title)


I remember he summer when we made love on the island of Humlesäcken. The missionary position on a cold cliff by the sea. The sun beating down on us and both feeling dreamily languorous. The tender spot on my back right underneath the clasp of my bikini top.


Grief doesn’t seem to pass. Is it like this for everyone or is it just me? Perhaps I wasn’t talking enough about it and getting it off my chest?


Maybe I should have written that book. But how do you tell such a story? That everything stands still while time keeps on ticking. The state of fear and euphoria. The total confusion between being filled to the brim with all the feelings that exist in the world, and, at the same time, experience absolute emptiness. The murmuring in the ears, to be listening without understanding, to be looking without seeing. How do you put into words the feeling of there never being as much vitality in life as when death is ever-looming? And then the hole of nothingness it leaves in its wake.


'Suppose there is an end' is a gripping and truly moving semi-autobiographical novel about how everything changes when the one you love falls victim to an illness and how life must go on despite losing your loved one.





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