Author Sara H. Olsson was born in 1979 and is now living with her family in Tångaberg on the west coast of Sweden. Her entire professional world is linked to books as she is not only an author and literary editor at her firm Manushjälpen, but also running her own publishing house called Bokförlaget SOL. 

The second book in the Hallavik series is called December Heat and was be launched in Sweden in November 2017.

Sara says:

I write feel-good novels with both humour and a touch of darkness. I want my readers to be able to recognise themselves in my stories and scenarios, and I love to give everyday events an amusing twist. My books are set in a small fictitious town of Hallavik on the west coast of Sweden. I can promise you plenty of clichés and stereotypes, which I hope you will adore just as much as I do!

My family and I live in the beautiful town of Varberg, situated on the west coast of Sweden. I own and run the fast-growing publishing house SOL that brings out entertaining, easy to read

novels; perfect for a lazy day in the hammock. When I don't write I love to

 bake cakes and bread, or go for a brisk walk by the sea with an audio book

in my headphones to keep me company.

Read more about Sara on her website:

JOYOUS BEAUTY (English working title)

In the book Joyous beauty the reader gets to meet two women that both face various challenges in life.

Nina has everything she could ever dream of; living in the lap of luxury in Stockholm with an unlimited budget, a husband that worships her and a hot lover on the side too. Everything is running along just nicely until one day a stupid slip up turns her whole life upside down. Nina seeks refuge in her home town of Hallavik, where she is forced to move in with her mum and her mum's wife. Life is pretty lousy right now.

Well.... that is until she meets Johanna; a wild, liberated chef, who likes both herself and her appearance. She is down-to-earth and independent, have a lot of fun with younger guys and will do everything and more to avoid getting new neighbours. Amazing what you can achieve with some dead mice and a thong-clad, wobbly bottoms!

Joyous beauty is a light-hearted, amusing and thrilling romcom about love, emotions, lies, betrayal and sex.

DECEMBER HEAT (English working title)

Christmas is approaching and the easygoing life in Hallavik is about to enter a new phase for Nina Becker and Johanna Seger. One of them is now voluntarily divorced and happy to put her life as a married lady of leisure behind her. The other finds herself involuntarily co-habiting and is also told there her workplace will undergo a reorganisation process. Roles are reversed and the two women try to adapt to their new situation.

To celebrate her return to the little town on the west coast of Sweden, Nina decides to throw a glühwein party. She decides to ignore the fact that her financial future is hanging in the air and looks forward to a flirtatious evening with friends and new acquaintances. But a familiar face pops up when she least expects it and Nina doesn't know how to react. He is both pleasant and handsome, but Nina knows all about his secret.

Johanna can't seem to let go of her personal issues, which leads to her celebrating a little bit too much and ends up in an intimate situation with the wrong man. Slowly but surely the facade cracks and Johanna has to face the music and cope with the consequences after her faux pas.

Is there a way of making the Christmas holidays blissfully happy?

Can a flirt with an artistic photographer enrich your life? Or is the famous singer Andreas Ekberg the solution to everything?

December heat is a charming and witty novel about life's ups and downs, and the sequel to Joyous beauty, the first book in the Hallavik series.



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