Karin was born in 1974 and even as a child three things occupied her time; nature, fairytales and drawing. She studied to become an archaeologist and worked for a few years as a nature guide.

After having had a pretty meandering, roaming lifestyle, she finally settled at a place close to her heart, a place she has known she belonged all her life. 

So for the last 11 years, she has been living with her husband and son at the farm her grandparents owned and lived at throughout Karin's childhood; an old farmstead in an isolated spot southern Sweden.

They run a small agricultural business together with a few

cows, pigs and sheep and the last decade of her life, Karin

has been blessed enough to work full-time from home

filling her days with illustrating, painting, drawing, sketching

and, since a few years ago, also writing.

A Hairy Guest at Cool Grandma Ruth's is one of the books about Margit the Highland Cattle cow, all written and illustrated by Karin Linderoth, who is Margit's owner in real life.

Entertaining a house guest that happens to be a cow really takes some preparation. It has to have a paddock and somewhere to shelter when it is raining.

"This is a tough job, but goodness me, it will be so much fun when she arrives", Cool Grandma Ruth and Rosita think to themselves.

It does turn into a lot of fun, but not quite what they had imagined.


Sometimes things don't work out quite as you had hoped they would...

Valle the gnome and Maja the field mouse live at a farmstead in the county of Småland, but somehow they end up in Norrbotten, in the far north of Sweden, completely by mistake. How will they make their way back and will they get home in time for Christmas?

Luckily they bump into Herman, a kind old gnome and with the help of Herman's friends, some Norwegian lemmings and a beautiful old hot-air balloon, they set off on a long journey.

This is a sort of advent calendar story, which will take the reader through all the different counties of Sweden. One chapter a day will keep you entertained right up to Christmas Eve.  The book is richly illustrated with beautiful watercolours adding a magic touch to this special fairytale. Swedish geography and interesting facts about each county will be shared with the reader in a fun and light-hearted way. There is also a map at the back of the book where you can keep track of each leg of Valle's journey from start to finish.


This is a book that will suit nature lovers of all ages. Easy to carry around, it is a handy guide to the Swedish flora and fauna, where the reader will learn more about each county and their designated flower and animal. 

Each flower and animal has been given their own individual page with a descriptive text that is easy to understand and a detailed, beautiful watercolour to show the reader exactly what the specimen looks like.

Perfect for teaching in nurseries, kindergartens, schools etc and also a handy book for all families to learn more about Swedish animals and flowers at home.