About Us



We are Anglophiles through and through and started Great Little Britain back in 2012 with the idea of providing the Swedish market with good British produce, such as umpteen varieties of tea, crumpets, shortbread and fudge.

To add further eggs in our basket of goodies, we also offered translations (Swe/Eng), Business English tuition, English Book club and Afternoon Tea parties with scones, clotted cream and raspberry jam.

Years have gone by, our company has survived, thrived and grown so much that we have recently had to remove some ideas and add some new, requested business segments; namely a literary agent  and translation services that can handle assignments to and from more or less any language under the sun.

We still organise Afternoon Tea, but only for private parties so if you are interested please contact us via email or the contact form. Unfortunately we no longer stock the teas and other delicacies, but don't hesitate to contact us if you require details of our previous suppliers in the UK. We are always happy to pass on their details if you want to buy directly from them or find another local stockist.

We would love to hear from you with ideas, thoughts & queries and we will always do our utmost to help.


Peter Börjesson
Åsa Bengtsson



After 15+ years in the UK, I decided to move home to Sweden to the town where I was born and raised. Not long after I moved home,

I met my partner Peter and we have been living together ever since.

I worked in Gothenburg for a brief period in 2011, but then we decided to start this firm together and I certainly haven't regretted taking that step.

My background is customer service, logistics, SAP implementations and project management for major, global firms based in the UK, which I find is  a great strength when it comes to both coaching entrepreneurs in Business English and also doing professional translations.


I have spent a big part of my professional life being surrounded by the written word, both historical documents, local history and books. With  extensive knowledge of the Swedish language, I am happy to be a part of the GLB company and be able to work with my partner Åsa on a daily basis. At GLB I help out with  proofreading,  editorial duties and  tricky language questions.

The wonderful and exciting world of antiquities, art, furniture and antique books  has been my everyday  life for as long as I can remember and  I also run my own company Warberg Antique (www.peterborjesson.se), where I  focus on these  different segments and guided historical walks or bus tours in our  local area.